I came across this article on CoinTelegraph yesterday…

Western Union Co. CEO Hikmet Ersek said the global money transfer service will not add a cryptocurrency transfer solution to its services anytime soon as MarketWatch reported on June 13.

As a matter of fact, he used a reference to healthcare to prove his point:

“The consumers tell us what they want. People aren’t paying their hospital bills in cryptos.”

Ersek said because central banks’ are generally skeptical towards cryptocurrencies as the reason not to expand their services to digital assets.

His thinking this way means Western Union will be sunsetted much sooner than later! I was even wondering how many people use Western Union to pay their medical bills.

Obviously, they do but I thought it interesting that he uses that reference rather than another such as,

“People aren’t paying for their books, movies, meals with cryptos.”

That’s because people are paying for all things with cryptos!

UhX is the Universal Healthcoin that is working hard to change that in healthcare.

We have created our UhX Wallet system that can receive XLM and ETH tokens now, and by next week it will include BTC. The UhX Wallet system enables its users to be able to pay for anything with these cryptos – including health services! So, any health service provider who accepts these cryptos can be paid for from their UhX Wallet.

We have also created the Stellar based token for the UhX that will be used to facilitate payments within Smart Contracts with cash based prices that health service providers have accepted within the UhX Ecosystem. We have not yet executed the Token Generating Event to create the UhX and make it available to the market, but that is imminent.

Because the UhX team comes from healthcare, we believe the UhX will be the first cryptocurrency accepted widely by health service providers.

Stay tuned for the UhX Token being available for purchase through the UhX Wallet!

Et sanitas tua,

Dr. Gordon Jones