UHX | the Universal Health Exchange is “Reinventing Healthcare Delivery and Payment through Blockchain” as a global decentralized health exchange and payment platform increasing the quality of healthcare while reducing the cost for UHX members. The UHX Platform brings People, Providers, and Payers together rewarding and incentivizing behavior modification with the support of the UHX intelligent personal assistants (IPA).

By creating the ultimate health exchange, we can serve our mission to save One Million Lives while also improving the lives of 100 Million more… Every Year!
This is why UHX is important globally! "Universal Health Exchange (UHX) is building something that will have a positive impact on every person on earth. Imagine, reallocating the inefficient waste in a $10 trillion industry to research, diagnosis, and care for those with major illnesses like diabetes or cancer." ― Dr. Gordon Jones, UHX Co-founder
We envision individuals managing their personal and family’s healthcare proactively and collaboratively with their providers.
Proactive healthcare can assist in prevention! "This is why we have created UHX as the Universal Health Exchange, to enable the world with the tools and services deployed through a decentralized and open source blockchain based ecosystem." ― Courtney P. Jones, UHX Co-founder

Consumer Focused Healthcare Solutions Are A Critical Pathway To Global Freedom


Our vision is to be a global decentralized health cost sharing exchange which is customized for each geopolitical use case. We reward for behavior modification, incentivizing wellness through intelligent personal assistants. Further, we deconstruct the boundaries of research, making the latest medical breakthroughs available to care providers and patients alike sooner rather than later. We will enable the funding and payment necessary to deliver the very best healthcare anywhere in the world at the absolute lowest price.


Here’s how our model works: UHX calculates cash payments across a blockchain distributed-ledger-system utilizing proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) embedded within the system.  Care delivery is validated as Health Care Events (HCE) in real-time to pay health service providers. Blockchain Smart Contracts are then used to pay the healthcare expenses of individuals using UHX. Health service providers are paid at a Negotiated Cash Price built into these digital agreements.


Healthcare is Expensive and Inefficient:

The state of global healthcare is the most important crisis facing mankind today. Today’s $10 trillion cost increased 60% from 2004 to 2014. Consumers of healthcare do not understand why they can not have the same technology conveniences as their banking and shopping experiences offer. Globally, people have the same illness and need for healthcare. Why can’t we work across organizations, medical disciplines and geography to create a healthier world where everyone will benefit?

Point solutions, interoperability and the inability to collaborate/share across a global system are a major issue and part of the problem in global healthcare today.

The U.S. alone consumes $3.5 trillion of the $10 trillion global healthcare spend. This make it an great exemplar for the urgency behind UHX global launch.

  • 19% of the U.S.’s total GDP or $3.5 Trillion is spent on healthcare every year – that is $9,403 per US Citizen
  • 15% or $500 Billion is spent on administrative and bureaucratic demands of healthcare;
  • 25% or $875 Billion in waste is spent on duplicative services due to failed communications between providers; and
  • Billions of dollars are spent attempting to secure health data from hackers that could otherwise go to health services.


Not only is there a huge impact to patient care outcomes, but healthcare inflation costs in the U.S. and globally are not sustainable.

A recent report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) exposes how U.S. costs are shifting from employers and government plans to where consumers are seeing higher, out-of-pocket deductible and co-pay expenditures. This is creating a demand for lower cost and higher quality services among cash paying customers, leading to slower inflation of healthcare prices. PWC believes that this model has run its course and will lead to the return of higher rates of inflation in healthcare.

The U.S. Affordable Care Act’s push to create efficiencies and financial stabilization in recent years through mandates tied to the adoption of information management technology and the realignment of some provider incentives through “Value-based Care” was admirable. The problem is that the program has not achieved the indented goal and consumers are paying more out of pocket. UHX believes, globally, a health delivery system involving the motivations of both health service providers and individual consumers must be created for healthy, sustainable communities.

As a case study, we see the issues of increased healthcare cost and a silo delivery systems are impacting the U.S., however, these factors are replicated globally.

Does any country truly provide ”Universal” health coverage? What of the Insured, Uninsured, and the Underinsured we find in Every Country?

There are many different degrees of healthcare coverage around the world, and sometimes even within each country. Some governments and companies provide “universal” health coverage, but the definition of universal is generally quite limited. Some governments only provide coverage for select groups such as state workers, the impoverished, or the elderly. In some emerging economies, employers and governments lack the resources to fund health services, so much of the healthcare is funded by international charities instead.

A 2016 study of global healthcare funding models found that governments only cover 60% of healthcare costs. The cost of that coverage has increased 60% in ten years. This level of inflation in healthcare costs is not sustainable.

These statistics represent the largest global opportunity for a disruptive business model supported by disruptive technology. Needs are different around the world, and the UHX platform is well positioned to serve the needs of the uninsured and to fill the care gaps for the insured and underinsured.

There is an opportunity for UHX to assist local, state, and national governments in providing access to affordable quality care and to augment current coverage plans for those needs that fall outside of government funding. We believe the UHX will contribute to cost savings and better healthcare for many regions with differing levels of public coverage.

The UHX Solution - Open and Collaborative

UHX offers an open-sourced, interoperable, and collaborative platform where people, providers, and payers come together on a global scale to solve global health issues.

The time for global healthcare change has arrived due to the enabling drivers of:

  • The intensity of the cost of an inefficient and costly system,
  • The availability of technology like Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Cloud, and
  • The visionary will of people, providers, payer and industry partners will drive the movement for change!

UHX C4P Platform Overview & Initial UHX Services

The UHX platform will provide numerous opportunities to build the next generation of consumer and institutional applications for healthcare. The initial platform will build out a secure API services layer that will be the global payment and delivery platform that UHX and our ecosystem of strategic partners will utilize.

The UHX innovative, patent pending, Cognitive Cryptographic Collaborative Care Platform (C4P) will enable our business and technical vision to globally change healthcare.

Three Perspectives to Deliver Better Healthcare

UHX’s innovative C4P approach to health delivery and payment is integrated in order to break down the silo systems. We are building mobile dApps based on specific to their role requirements, Intelligent – Personal / Provider / Payer – Assistance, to exponentially improve decision-making.

UHX’s open API architecture will support an ecosystem so others can participate in the development and profit by contributing to the community. Each IPA will be powered by blockchain, leveraging AI, employing connected IoT devices, and secure in our cloud environment.

UHX First Service on the C4P Platform – Health Cost Sharing
Healthcare cost sharing organizations (HCSO) are a well-established approach to paying for healthcare with histories going back millennia. The HCSO model is well suited to the disruptive potential of decentralized blockchain technology much in the same way that the taxi industry was disrupted using smartphone technology. Just as Uber, Lyft, and Didi have taken ridesharing and made it a globally dominant transportation model, UHX will create a trusted sharing network to support families and individuals coming together to share their healthcare costs.

In a traditional HCSO, each individual member or member family pays a specific amount every month into their member account. Members who have used health services send their bills into the organization which then pays the healthcare providers.

This is not insurance, but rather a decentralized financial system with no owner, no manager, and no entity taking risk on the liability of payment of the health cost other than the individuals themselves.

There are currently 104 HCSOs in the world that we know of with the largest six in the US supporting 1.4 million members. We believe that this model of managing healthcare costs can be extended to the world by leveraging the potential of the decentralization and consensus building of blockchain.



An individual joins UHX and pays their monthly contribution.
The transaction is represented online as a block and UHX member identity is encrypted.
The block is transmitted to the UHX network.
The UHX network approves the transaction as valid.
The block is then added to the blockchain which provides an indelible and transparent record of the transaction.
The payment then moves into the member’s UHX account for storage & future payment.
The UHX member goes to see a doctor or other health services provider.
The facility uses the UHX Card or Mobile App to acknowledge the member is present.
The UHX block validates the member is active and has available funds.
Doctor sees the member and provides the health service.
Doctor updates the UHX block with the health status of the member and service notes from the visit.
UHX member data is encrypted in the block and transmitted to the UHX network.
The UHX network approves the transaction as valid.
The block is then added to the blockchain which provides an indelible and transparent record of the transaction.
The cash payment then moves from UHX into the Doctor’s payment system – this transaction is instantaneous.


Mission > Vision > Strategy



Founders meet and smash brains on how to solve healthcare finance and payment problems.

June, 2017

Solution Fit


Research leads to the adoption of blockchain as the technology to solve the crisis in healthcare finance and payment.

July, 2017

Founders Fit


Founders form Universal Health Exchange as a Public Benefit Corporation and commitment to making the solution a reality.

August, 2017



Ideas proposed by a close network of experts in healthcare, finance, and blockchain.

Sept, 2017


Lean Startup

Product Fit


Founders begin recruiting the advisory group of diverse and industry experts, mentors and consultants.

Nov, 2017

Market Need


Ideas are finalized for the use of blockchain to create an open market, health cost-sharing model with scalability.

Jan, 2018

Market Need


White paper, executive summary, memorandum and website are published.

Feb, 2018


Scale Up

Market Fit

Customer Discovery

Prep for the launch of UHX.

Mar, 2018

Business Model

Revenue Model Confirmed

Market confirms the business model.

May, 2018

Business Model


The Universal Health Exchange with Consumer and Provider Account Services is developed.

June, 2018

UHX Beta

Release to Early Adopters

UHX is launched to Beta Testers.

Sept, 2018

Phase 1 USA Deployment


The UHX is released to the community for access, scaling and adoption.

THE TEAM is our secret sauce! We have assembled a very unique team of people and partners. They come from diverse industries and experiences from around the world, but with common traits: • Disruptive thinkers and executors • Track record of success • Passion to make global healthcare better Some of our team and partners are named and many more are waiting to join us as we acquire the resources to accelerate our plan. We already have technical development underway in the U.S. and Canada. Co-founders, Courtney P. Jones and Dr. Gordon Jones, are successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields of internet search, market analytics, and HealthTech/FinTech respectively. They possess the experience and a broad network of experts with extensive resources to launch and build UHX | the Universal Health Exchange into a worldwide success.


Courtney P. Jones Chairman & CEO
Dr. Gordon Jones President & COO

Expert Advisors and Consultants

Richard Smith, PhD Market Analytics & AI and Board Member
Brian Beasley Multi-media Expert and Board Member
Jacque J. Sokolov, MD Health Plan Design
Stephen Brickell UHX's IBM Sponsor
Raj Balasubramanian Global Platforms: IBM Watson, Cloud
Tony Perkins Venture Entrepreneur & Media
Martin Stroka Venture Capitalist
Richard S. Dick, PhD Expert in EMR Tech
Rick Richards MD Medical Cost Containment
Duane Bender MEDIC Excutive Director
Jennifer Jones, PhD Vice President Therapy and Rehab Services
Michael Barnard IBM Blockchain and AI Strategy
Brigitte Piniewski MD Personalized Medicine
Brian vanOosten MEDIC Project Manager
Justin Fyfe MEDIC Tech Architect
Joel Garcia AllCode Marketing Consultant
Russ Alba Black Swan Legal Counsel
Scott Roethle MD FASA Medical Services
Tricia Nguyen, MD, MBA Health System Design
Nick van Terheyden, MD Digital Health Tech
Bithia Anderson, PharmD Health Economics
Tony Meggs Health Cost Sharing
Richard Kersh Human Factors AI
Jaana Simula Blockchain Solutions
Mark Lambert Risk Mitigation
Aadli Abdul-Kareem Medical Interoperability
Michael Scott Blockchain Journalist

Strategic Collaborators

Why Join the UhX Global Movement?

Do I believe in: The Need, The Approach, and The Team?

1) The Need
Healthcare is the most basic human need. Globally, healthcare is in a delivery and financial crisis. Increase in chronic diseases are at epidemic proportions which impacting personal quality of life and healthcare costs. The explosion of medical research has made it humanly impossible for providers to stay current. Our health system have become so complex, siloed, and inefficient that it is impacting providers and payers who are losing focus on the patients proactive health. Many experts assess that the $10 trillion healthcare spend has enormous waste due to these issues.

2) The Approach
We are building a global community – a Movement – of enlightened people, providers, and payers motivated to disrupt the siloed status quo and create a new system of quality and efficiency.

UHX approach has been vetted my some of the most experienced healthcare and technology professionals. We have confidence our approach will be successful based industry expert feedback, and the number of healthcare industry partners who have joined us. We see the only question is, “How fast and to what global scale will UHX impact global healthcare?”

3) The Team
We have assembled a very diverse group of industry leaders (Healthcare / Technology / Entrepreneur / Broadcasting / Research, etc) with career track records of unquestionable success coupled with a passion and drive for industry disruption. The UHX team, working with over 25 industry-leading companies (with over 53,000 medical providers), are driving the Movement for a innovative, democratized healthcare system that delivers the best care at the lowest cost. We are creating a global Movement of like minded people in our UHX team, in our partners and most importantly in our supporters who purchase UHX tokens. Imagine, if you were first in line to help Uber change rideshare and transform the world. Now think about healthcare for you, your family and the global community.


UHX is Important Globally
Our mission is to save One Million Lives while also improving the Lives of 100 Million more… Every Year!
Blockchain and AI technology will enable the emergence of our globally distributed healthcare delivery and payment platform C4P. We are hoping you will join the UHX Movement to better deliver healthcare at a lower cost. Feel free to reach out and:
  • Ask a UHX team member how we can help you with any question.
  • Send your kudos and support for our work to reinvent healthcare finance and payment.
  • Join our team as a member or collaborator.
Just make sure to detail your message so we can route it to the best person to serve you.